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Not every appliance repair requires a service call. Here are some easy appliance repairs you can do yourself with the right parts which you can order from our site.

Replace broken refrigerator veggie or crisper drawers with new ones.

Replace broken refrigerator door bars to get back some of your storage space.

Change your refrigerator’s water filter.

Stove or Oven
Replace old or worn stove knobs with new ones for a better cooking experience.

Replace stained and dirty drip pans.

If your oven is not heating up, you might need a new gas oven ignitor or a new electric oven bake element.

Frigidaire Oven Bake Element Part# 316075104

Make sure your dishes are sparkling by cleaning your dishwasher. Use a dishwasher cleaner like Affresh  to remove excess detergent residue and stains from inside your dishwasher.

To find any part for any appliance, go by the appliance’s model number printed on a tag and located on the appliance itself. Do not go by the model number that comes with your user’s manual, as it could be wrong for the appliance that you actually own. Here’s where to look for your appliance model number.

After that, enter it into our parts website or call our parts hotline at 877-299-4487 for help with finding your part. Our part experts will look up the correct part for you and it can be shipped to your Sterling, Ft. Morgan, or Sidney home in 1-2 business days!